French Teacher.

Bonjour! I have an extensive academic background in french, and years of experience teaching, so If you are interested in taking french lessons, I'm your gal! From conversational to help with a trip plan, I am ready to help you. $100 @ hour. 

Dog Sitter.

So many dogs, so little time! Not only am I a lifetime animal lover, (from monkeys to gold fish) but I have time to devote to them. I like to vary the walks, weather is not an issue, we go out rain, snow or sunshine, and I choose the route suitable for each dog and their capabilities. Or I can just make them comfortable and safe indoors. Available for $25@hour. 



We've gone global, so if you have any translations necessary for business, shopping or travel, give me a call. We can work out the fee. 



Elder Care.

Extensive experience with ElderCare. both personally and professionally. Everyone's situation is different, so give me a call and we can tailor a program to your needs. References available upon request.